PV Solar Plants turnkey.
Starting from $680 per kWp

Invest in solar energy
Since 1992
PV Solar Plants design and development.
Technical solutions. Equipment supply.
Installation and commissioning.
Optimizing plants in operation.
Turnkey solutions.
How it works
PV solar modules (panels) (А) connected in series into strings and produce electricity from the sunlight (up to 1500 V DC voltage).
The strings connected into solar inverters.

Inverter system (B) convert DC current from solar panels into AC current. Inverters connected with each other into internal network. Voltage from the inverters goes up with step-up transformer to connect into the grid.

The Grid (С) as a receiver of infinite capacity takes energy from solar power plant. Electricity injected into the grid usually paid regarding to local feed-in-tariff (green tariff).

We spend 1%
of the amount of each project
on social objects.

Lighting of dangerous intersections, the dark streets and alleys.
PV solar plants for rural schools, kindergartens and hospitals.
Working with us
No huge questionnaires.
We request only the basic information, and within 2-4 hours you'll get a technical solution and a commercial proposal.
We use professional software:
PVsyst, PV*SOL, etc.
And climate databases:
We provide 5 years warranty on our work.
We help to repair and maintenance equipment. Optimize plants in operation.
Free technical support.
Our Experience
500 kWp | Oelsnitz, Germany
Facade-integrated PV solar plant with bifacial solar panels made in Russia
318 kWp | Saxony, Germany
On-gird PV solar plant rooftop with bifacial solar panels made in Russia
432 kWp | Moravian Krumlov, Czech Republic
On-grid PV solar plant with bifacial solar modules installed on ridge concentrators
168 kWp | Adler, Russia
Hybrid PV solar plant working for road lighting
100 kWp | Covilha, Portugal
PV solar plant with bifacial solar modules installed on double-axis solar tracker (+30% energy yield)
30 kWp | Krasnodar Region, Russia
Russia's largest private standalone (off-grid) PV solar plant for large household
3,45 MWp | Born, Germany
On-grid PV solar plant with double-axis solar trackers
24 MWp | Montalto di Castro, Italy
Phase 1 of on-grid PV solar plant of 84 MWp power system - on of the biggest solar plants in Europe
2,35 МВт | Apulia, Italy
On-grid PV solar plant with double-axis solar trackers
Dmitriy Solodukha
Oleg Solodukha
Andrey Tichonov
Marat Zaks
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